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Why Do They Have the Name “South Sea Pearls”?

Why Do They Have the Name “South Sea Pearls”?

They are grown in the southern hemisphere, notably in and around Australia, hence the name “South Sea.” This is the southern sea to bead wearers because the majority of their civilization is located in the northern hemisphere.

Identification of South Sea Pearls

The size of South Sea pearls is the primary way to identify them. They are bigger than other pearls because Pinctada Maxima, the largest genus of oyster, is where they are grown. They can grow considerably larger if given more time, but typically range in size from 8 to 20 mm.

Their shine is softer than that of other pearls, as was already noted, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be more mirror-like. Everything depends on how they are created and how thick the nacre is. However, South Sea pearls typically have a thicker nacre than others.

South Sea Pearls: Sizes, Colors, and Shapes

There are numerous shapes available for South Sea pearls. It is extremely difficult to find strings of completely round South Sea pearls because only 10–30% of each harvest are spherical or almost spherical. Baroque or irregular pearls would make up the remainder of the harvest. These are not as precious as spherical ones but are nevertheless valued for their distinctive organic shapes.

There is a fantastic range of color options for South Sea pearls. Pearls with silver, white, aqua, and blue overtones are produced by silver-lipped oysters, while golden-lipped oysters generate pearls with golden, champagne, and cream overtones.

As previously indicated, their breadth spans from 8 to 20 mm. They may develop even larger pearls if left for more time than the typical three years.

What South Sea Pearl Color Is Best?

South sea pearl necklace
South sea pearl necklace

While white South Sea pearls have long been the preferred option, golden South Sea pearls are a more prestigious and unique alternative. They might be anything from delicate champagne hues to vibrant gold. According to legend, gold pearls will bring their possessor wealth and success.