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Wholesale pearl jewelry : 7 Secrets that Your Local Jewelers Might Not Want You to Know!

Wholesale pearl jewelry : 7 Secrets that Your Local Jewelers Might Not Want You to Know!

wholesale pearl jewelry

wholesale pearl jewelry
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SECRET #1: Most Jewelers Don’t Know Pearls – Wholesale pearl jewelry

Yes, it may sound incredible, but most jewelers are not well-versed in pearls or the pearl market. Although they may be very well-educated in diamonds or jewelry, many have never taken a single class on pearls. In fact, at last check the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) currently offers only one in-class, one-day seminar on pearl grading. It’s not a required course for a GIA degree, so most jewelers never even take it (however, you can sure that all of the professionals at MISS JOAQUIM PEARLS do).

wholesale pearls south sea pearls wholesale
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SECRET #2:Many Jewelers Don’t Own the Pearls In Their Showcase – wholesale pearl jewelry

One secret of the jewelry industry is extensive use of “memo”, or consignment. Since most jewelry stores sell fewer pearls than say, diamonds or gold, it is common practice for the jeweler to “borrow” the pearls from a pearl dealer to show a client. Nothing wrong with that in itself, but this practice usually results in a higher price passed on to the end consumer than if the pearls are purchased and sold directly. (data source: wholesale pearl jewelry)

Tahitian Black Pearls 1
Tahitian Black Pearls

SECRET #3: Many Jewelers Must Sell Pearls at Two or Three Times What They Paid – Wholesale pearl jewelry

Most retail jewelry stores have high overhead – rent, marketing, merchandising, salespersons commissions, in addition to the cost buying of the merchandise itself. Markups need to be high enough to cover all this. Again, nothing necessarily wrong here, but as a consumer you should know where your money is going. High markups are especially common on pearls. Most jewelry stores simply won’t buy pearls in volume, because it is a niche product compared to diamonds. As a result, they must pay a higher price (either on memo or outright) and pass this on to the consumer. (data source: wholesale pearl jewelry)

SECRET #4: Jewelry Salespeople May Claim a Standard Grading System for Pearls – wholesale pearl jewelry

Unlike diamonds, there is no standard grading system for pearls. In practice, most pearl dealers typically define their own grading systems, and visually rate what they see within their own system. However, many retail sales presentations may show a strand of pearls as “AAA” without disclosing how that grade was assigned. Without a standard chart or other pearls to compare against, such a grade is often meaningless. (data source: wholesale pearl jewelry)

About Grading Systems – wholesale pearl jewelry

wholesale pearl jewelry
pearl table

(Photo & data source: wholesale pearl jewelry)


That being said, you’re likely to encounter various grading systems: Mikimoto “pyramids”, GIA, Tahitian A-D, etc. etc. Just remember that the purpose of any system is to provide a common language for people to discuss pearl quality. One very common system (we use it ourselves at Miss Joaquim Pearls) is the AAA-A Grading System. AAA is the highest grade, with a very high luster and at least 95% of the surface free from blemishes. AA will have high luster, with at least 75% of the surface free of blemishes. Grade A is still a nice pearl, but has lower luster than the higher grades and/or more than 25% of the surface showing blemishes. You may also see intermediate grades, like AA+ or A+, for pearls that fall between two of these grades. Just remember, use your new knowledge to evaluate pearls on their actual merits, and use grades to just get a “ballpark” idea when you discuss pearls with the sellers. (data source: wholesale pearl jewelry)

SECRET #5: Client Education on Pearls is Often Lacking – wholesale pearl jewelry

Many sales presentations will extoll the “benefits” – that pearls are “beautiful” or “cherished for generations”. What they often can’t tell you are all the facts.
● “What makes a given pearl better than another?”
● “Why is this pearl so much more expensive than that one?”
● “How do I care for pearls?”
A great salesperson should educate you on all these questions, and help you make an informed decision. (data source: wholesale pearl jewelry)

Indonesia south sea pearls wholesale - Miss Joaquim Pearls - whatsapp +6287865026222
Indonesia south sea pearls wholesale – Miss Joaquim Pearls – whatsapp +6287865026222

SECRET #6: Price Does Not Always Indicate Quality – wholesale pearl jewelry

Buying pearls based solely on price is the number one fatal mistake most consumers make. One store may offer an 8mm pearl strand for X dollars, while another store may offer an 8mm pearl strand for half the price. Great deal? Um… maybe not!
First, go back to the basics. Use the knowledge you’ve gained here to decide whether or not the strands are like quality. Only compare “apples to apples”, and don’t buy solely on price. Cheap pearls that crack or change color aren’t worth your cash or your time. (data source: wholesale pearl jewelry)

SECRET #7: Many Repair Jewelers Do Not Know Correct Pearl Handling – wholesale pearl jewelry

Pearls are easily damaged by standard jewelry cleaning solutions, torches, and ultrasonic machines. If the bench jeweler is not familiar with the correct way to remove pearls, stringing, or gluing they can damage your precious investment. Ask how often they deal with pearls, and only entrust your future heirloom with someone who knows what they’re doing. (data source: wholesale pearl jewelry)
wholesale pearl jewelry

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