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The most expensive pearl in the world

One grain can reach billions, this is the most expensive pearl type in the world, one of which is in Indonesia!

Talking about jewelry, what components do you prioritize the most? Do you like jewelry with gems and precious stones? Please note, gems and precious stones are not the only components of expensive jewelry. Pearls are also included as a component of jewelry whose beauty is no less than gems and precious stones. Pearls are produced from the cultivation of shellfish that live in the sea. Some are cultivated in freshwater waters such as lakes and rivers. Pearls come in a variety of shapes, colors, and shine.

The price of pearls varies, depending on the type. The rarer the species, the more expensive the price. Just like gems and precious stones, there are several types of pearls that are very expensive in the world. Even one of them is produced in Indonesian waters, you know! What is the most expensive pearl in the world like?

Black Tahitian Pearl

Tahitian black pearls are among the rarest and most expensive pearls in the world
Included in the category of the most expensive rare pearl in the world, Black Tahitian Pearl is a type of pearl produced from the cultivation of the Pinctada margaritifera oyster. As the name implies, this pearl comes from the waters of Tahiti.

Not all colors of Tahiti pearls are solid black, some are white, dark gray, and dark green. Pearls with black color are the most often hunted. The color sheen varies from pink, green, blue, and yellow. An oyster can produce pearls measuring from 5 to 12 mm. The price of black pearls varies depending on the quality. A very good quality black pearl can sell for US $ 36,000 or equivalent to Rp 517 million!

South Sea Pearl

Indonesia is the largest producer of South Sea pearls
South Sea pearls are produced from the cultivation of the Pinctada maxima type oyster that lives in the waters of Australia, Myanmar, the Philippines, and Indonesia. Whereas pearl cultivation generally takes 6 months, South Sea Pearls take approximately 3 years to be able to get good quality pearls.

Generally these pearls have white and gold colors, with a fairly varied sheen. Indonesia is believed to be the main producer of this type of pearl. The resulting size ranges from 8 to 18 mm. A South Sea Pearl that was cultivated in Maluku was once sold for Rp. 100 million.

Akoya Pearl

Akoya pearls are pearls from Japan that have a white color and a pink sheen
Pearls, which are often called Classic Pearls, are produced from the cultivation of Pinctada fucata oysters that live in the waters of Japan and around the Pacific Ocean. In contrast to pearls in general, Akoya pearls have a relatively smaller size. An Akoya pearl oyster generally produces pearls measuring from 3 to 9 mm. The predominant color of this pearl is white with a pink and gold sheen. A good quality Akoya pearl has a selling price of US$ 6,000 or equivalent to Rp. 86 million.

Abernethy Pearl

Abernethy pearls are a type of freshwater pearl found in the Tay river, Scotland
If pearls are generally produced by oysters that live in the ocean, then we need to get acquainted with this one pearl. The Abernethy Pearl is a type of freshwater pearl produced by the Margaritifera oyster in the Tay River, Scotland. This pearl was accidentally discovered by William Abernethy while he was diving in the river. This freshwater pearl weighs 2.85 grams and is the size of a marble.

It is white in color and has a pink sheen. While the Tay River is known for producing freshwater pearls, not all of them produce pearls like Will’s. A&G Cairncross is a shop that regularly produces jewelry from freshwater pearls raised by oysters in the Tay River. The Abernethy Pearl, also known as Little Willie, is on display at the shop.

In 1967, the price of the pearl was estimated at GBP 10,000, equivalent to GBP 164,596 in 2019. If converted into rupiah, the price could reach IDR 3 billion!