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South Sea Pearls Guide: What Are They & Why Are They So Valuable?

South Sea Pearls Guide: What Are They & Why Are They So Valuable?

  • South Sea pearls are the maximum in demand cultivated pearls withinside the world.
  • Their lengthy cultivation time and restrained cultivation vicinity cause them to the rarest and maximum precious pearls available.
  • In this guide, you`ll study all approximately South Sea Pearls and what makes them so special.

What Are South Sea Pearls?

  • South Sea pearls are the rarest of all of the sorts of pearls.
  • They are cultivated in saltwater and feature thicker nacre layers than some other pear, averaging round 2-4mm thick.
  • Their increase duration is 2-four years, approximately double that of Akoya pearls.
  • South Sea pearl oysters are extraordinarily vulnerable to disorder and stress, so their cultivation is restrained to their native, herbal environment.
  • They are available in hues starting from white to gold and feature a luster this is defined as gentle and luxurious.
  • Their “satiny” appearance, as defined through jewellers, differs from Akoya pearls, which appearance difficult in comparison.
  • They appear to radiate with a glow from within, in preference to having the mirror-like shine predicted from Akoya pearls.

Where Do South Sea Pearls Come From?

  • It takes a good deal time and committed ability to lifestyle white and golden South Sea pearls.
  • The majority of white South Sea pearls are cultivated withinside the waters northwest of Australia, at the same time as maximum golden South Sea pearls are produced withinside the Philippines and Indonesia.
  • In Australia, the bulk of the pearls are harvested withinside the wild, and supplemented with hatchery-bred pearls to preserve a healthful supply.
  • In different areas, however, the other is true, with hatchery-bred pearls being withinside the majority.