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Sea pearl VS Freshwater pearl

This is the difference between sea pearls and freshwater pearls

Who doesn’t know Pearl? It seems that almost all women must know one type of jewelry made from this oyster.

Pearls are hard objects that are produced in the soft tissues of living mollusks, namely oysters.

This type of gemstone is formed from calcium carbonate in the form of crystals, pearls were first used by the Greek king Xerxes.

Since then pearls have been used as jewelry that is very good for the fashion world.

Judging from the type, it turns out that besides the Sea Pearl, there is also a Fresh Pearl, you know..

Want to know the difference? These are some of the differences between sea pearls and freshwater pearls taken from various sources.

  1. Sea pearls take approximately 3 years to produce 1 pearl. While freshwater pearls only take 6 months, and even then in one shell can produce 6-15 fresh pearls.
  2. Sea pearls have various shapes, such as round, oval, baroque shapes (irregular shapes), while freshwater pearls rarely have round shapes.
  3. Sea pearl grains have a characteristic perfect round shape with varying sizes.
  4. Sea pearls have a more natural, natural-looking sheen, while freshwater pearls have less light. More like a dove color, and looks like faux pearl.
  5. Differences in color: Seawater pearls are available in Gold, White, Black, Brown, Silver (Grey) and Green, while freshwater pearls are available in almost all colors.
  6. In terms of price, sea pearls are sold in grams. Meanwhile, freshwater pearls are sold in the form of a group, while the units are sold in good/super quality.
  7. In addition to the above factors that distinguish the price of sea pearls is more expensive than freshwater pearls is the existence of a pride and satisfaction factor (prestige value) in other words sea pearls have more prestige value.

Already know now the difference between sea pearls and fresh pearls?

So back to your taste and budget, do you want to buy sea pearls or fresh pearls?