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Scallop Pearls

Scallop Pearls Defined
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A scallop pearl is a non-nacreous calcareous solidification created by any individual from the pectinidae (scallop) family.

Scallop Pearls, ?The Pacific Lion?s Paw?

Not at all like other non-nacreous pearls, for example, the melo-melo and conch pearl, the scallop pearl originates from a bivalve mollusk know as the “Mano de Leon”, or “The Pacific Lion’s Paw”. This shellfish earns its name because of the extraordinary shape of its shell, which looks like a lion’s paw. Scallop pearls are local to the seaside waters of Central and North America and most usually found off the shoreline of Baja California.

Scallop Pearls Are Another Very Rare Pearl

The scallop pearl is an extremely uncommon event and is the bi-result of wild-gathered scallops. Because of the uncommonness of the diamond, scallops are not looked for their pearls. Scallop angler, that spend their entire lives collecting the meat of the shellfish, may just locate a little modest bunch of pearls during their whole lifetime.

Scallop Pearls Are Unique In Their Coloration

Scallop pearls have a one of a kind shape and coloration truant in different calcareous solidifications. Scallop pearls are for the most part symmetrical in an oval, round, drop, or catch shape. These pearls range in size from seed to 40 carats. The color of the scallop pearl is one of a kind among all pearls and calcareous solidifications. Scallop pearls by and large ooze an uncommon maroon to plum coloration, and are likewise normally found in profound purple, orange and pink.

Scallop Pearls Have A Unique 3-D Effect

The scallop pearl has a special 3-dimensional impact inside the intelligent platelets of their surface, which adds to the one of a kind stunner of the diamond. This gives the pearl a kind of glimmer impact, like the fire like appearance of the conch pearl.