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Pearls and Medicine

Pearls and Medicine

Pearls Have Long Been Used In Medicine

Pearls have been utilized for their therapeutic worth, since their most punctual revelation by man. Curiously enough, the present day pharmaceutical industry keeps on utilizing pearls as a part of drug. Specifically, pearls that are of second rate quality and can’t be utilized as a part of jewelry are ground into a fine powder and used to plan great pharmaceutical calcium.

The Many Different Ways Pearls Have Been Used As Medicine

From antiquated China and India to medieval Europe and Arabia and in verging on each culture in the middle of pearls have been utilized for therapeutic purposes, extending from aphrodisiacs to cures for madness. Pearls could just be worn as jewelry for their healing forces, or they could be ground up and made into mixtures, demulcents, and balms used to treat a wide assortment of illnesses and conditions. One legend said that a pearl put in the navel could cure stomach issue!

A Pearl For Whatever Ails You?

The pearl’s surface luster is basic. Luster measures the splendor and reflectivity of a pearl. The more splendid and mirror-like the surface of the pearl is, the higher its quality. A dull or pasty surface shows a sub-par pearl.