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Pearl Ring

Before discussing Pearl rings, let’s get to know the types of frames used for rings.

  1. Gold ring
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    Gold ring studded with pearls with precious jewelery stones
    The gold ring is divided into two, namely white gold and yellow gold. Gold is the most common and highly popular type of metal chosen for ring making. When seen with the naked eye alone, white and yellow gold do not have a significant difference, except in terms of color. Let’s see what are the differences between white gold and yellow gold.

The process of making white gold and yellow gold
White gold is generally made of yellow gold mixed with white metal, such as palladium or nickel. In general, jewelry made of white gold will be coated with rhodium to make jewelry look whiter and more shiny.

Yellow gold is basically made with a mixture of other metals, but the goal is only to make it harder and more durable, not to change its color.

The durability of white gold and yellow gold

Rings made of white gold are substantially more durable than yellow gold. This is because white gold is coated with rhodium which makes it more durable than yellow gold

How to Care for White Gold and Yellow Gold
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Gold Couple Ring
Yellow gold rings are generally softer than white gold, so they require more maintenance than white gold. And yellow gold rings really need more detailed checks for parts that have damage and are repaired more often than white gold.

In addition, white anxiety is more durable and easier to care for. Meanwhile, the fading of the layer on the ring, the rhodium layer, will greatly affect how often you use the ring.

The Content of Nickel in the Ring
Not infrequently, jewelry craftsmen use a mixture of nickel for gold jewelry. For those of you who are allergic to these metals, it is better to consider. You can ask the metal mixture contained in jewelry first to the store before buying a ring.

For white gold rings containing nickel it will be coated with rhodium. It’s just that, when the rhodium coating fades, your skin will come into contact with a gold and nickel mixture which can trigger an allergic reaction.

So Which Is Cheaper?

The price of gold is highly dependent on the carat, but usually white gold rings will cost more than yellow gold, even when they are the same carat. This is due to the rhodium coating the white gold.

  1. Silver Ring
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    Silver is a metal that is soft and soft so it is very easy to form and make jewelry, one of which is a ring. However, due to its soft and malleable nature silver is very susceptible to scratches, dings, and can change color (stain) over time. Therefore, almost all silver will experience oxidation or the appearance of a gray or black stain on the ring for a long time.

The silver ring has a bright white color which resembles a white gold ring in appearance. However, as explained earlier, silver rings in a long enough time will experience a change in color and you need to polish it again to be able to restore the white color that is in silver. In addition, proper care and cleaning can slow down the oxidation process.

Many people choose silver rings because they are quite affordable and cheaper than gold. This, of course, can reduce your costs by choosing a silver ring that is more affordable but no less beautiful.

  1. Rhodium Ring

    Rhodium is one of the basic frame materials used for the manufacture of jewelry which is currently increasingly being used as Imitation Jewelry, while some of the rhodium materials consist of several metal materials which are quite often mixed and are commonly used in the manufacture of the following jewelry such as silver, tin, copper. , etc. then the plating shield (outer layer) is coated with white gold or yellow gold.

The process in making this rhodium frame material is carried out by machines in general, namely factories, so that the level of neatness, the details of the models that are owned are very detailed and perfect, for example, a solid and intricate sprinkling of Zircon stones and a very modern model of rhodium jewelry.

In carrying out the coating process for the outside with chrome white gold or yellow gold it is done by means of a machine (factory) it cannot be done manually.

The advantage of using rhodium is the shiny color of the frame. Besides that, the advantages that will be obtained by using rhodium material compared to gold and silver are in terms of price, the price of rhodium is relatively very cheap, the price of rhodium frames is not calculated based on per gram but per design per pcs.

So far, rings made of rhodium are not prone to discoloration, if the discoloration is due to frequent exposure to water, and for quite a long time. For the quality of this rhodium frame material, we highly recommend it to potential customers, this rhodium frame material rarely receives complaints / complaints from consumers. So the good quality possessed by rhodium has been tested, which means that this rhodium material does not fade quickly, does not blacken quickly, this rhodium frame can be durable and long lasting for years as long as it is properly treated.

One way to care for rhodium jewelry is cleaning it very regularly. Here are the steps:

You can mix water with liquid detergent in a ratio of 3: 1.
Soak the jewelry in detergent water for about 7 minutes. To remember, don’t soak it too long, because it can damage the rhodium material and make it blacken quickly.
After soaking, use your hands to rub the jewelry with a soft touch. You can also use a toothbrush to reach parts that are quite difficult to clean, as long as the bristles used are soft enough.
Remove the jewelry from the detergent water container and rinse with clean water. After that, you can rinse it with mineral water or running water if you have one. Clean thoroughly and there is no more detergent left.
The last step, dry the rhodium jewelry with a soft towel. Do not get rubbed, just press a little so that the surface is not scratched. After that, let it sit at room temperature overnight to allow the rhodium jewelry to dry completely.
How to store Rhodium Jewelry: Apart from washing it regularly, is there anything else to do to keep rhodium jewelery shiny? Here One form of things that is very very important in providing care for rhodium jewelry is to store jewelry in the right way. preferably in storing rhodium jewelery, put it in a box, and wrap each piece of jewelry with soft tissue paper. Remember to wrap each piece of jewelry separately. This is very important to keep rhodium jewelry from unwanted things and can scratch the surface and make it look dull.

As for some other things that really need to be considered in the care of rhodium jewelry: Remove the ring when lifting heavy objects so that they are not scratched. Do not also wear jewelry while swimming, because the chlorine in pool water can make the rhodium black quickly. And one more thing, avoid rhodium jewelry with perfume, and other household chemicals such as hairspray, body lotion products, and other chemicals.

After knowing the types of frames used for rings, it can be determined to add the desired pearls, be it sea water pearls, freshwater pearls and shell pearls. Matching the pearl color to the frame depends on the consumer’s own desire.

And for a separate price depending on the frame and pearls used.