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Pearl Necklace

A necklace is an object in the form of jewelry and is worn around the neck. Necklaces are one of the first types of jewelry worn by humans. Necklaces are often also used in events such as weddings as a symbol of wealth and also as a sign of one’s status, because necklaces are generally made of precious metals and stones.

Pearl Necklace Length

The main component contained in a necklace is a ribbon, chain, or rope that can wrap around your neck. These necklaces are often made of precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. In general, necklaces have a pendulum that is linked or hung on the necklace itself.
These pendants can usually be in the form of pendants with valuable materials such as diamonds, pearls, rubies, emeralds, garnets, and sapphires, among others. In this modern era, necklaces can also be made with various types of other materials such as thread. sometimes necklaces are also classified as clothing, not just jewelry.

Necklace in Prehistoric times

Humans in ancient or prehistoric times often used natural materials such as fur, tree bark, bones, shells, and plant materials to make necklaces, but in the Bronze Age this jewelry changed over time and was replaced with metal. The necklace which was first depicted in ancient Middle Eastern sculpture and art in ancient times, at that time the necklace was already made of precious metals with inset stones made in Europe. In ancient times, necklaces began to be widely used by women, especially for the aristocracy. Previously they would use beautiful dangling dresses with various lengths coupled with wearing necklaces to make their appearance even more beautiful.

Along with the times, necklaces began to be used as fashion accessories that could support your appearance. Until now, necklaces began to vary in shape in this century, there are many materials that can be used to make necklaces, including precious metals which are better and also durable. There are also very beautiful gemstones in many different colors and shapes. And the necklace users at that time began to change and were known to be people who had glamorous tastes and had quite a lot of wealth.

Necklace function

Necklaces have been used throughout history by both men and women. Necklaces are used to mark various differences in various regions, both as jewelry, culture and often as a determinant of social status.

Necklaces are also used as a form of identity for the wearer, among other things, the necklaces used by the United States soldiers are referred to as dog tags. This necklace has also been used since World War II. The identity of the person wearing it is placed on a pendant made of aluminum plates. The identity written between the name, title, regiment or corps of the user.

Currently necklaces already have a variety of materials that are used, including gold, precious metals, silver, gemstones, rhodium. Here we discuss a little about the ingredients above.

Gold necklace: gold necklace is divided into two, namely white gold and yellow gold. Gold is the type of metal that is most often and very popularly chosen as a material for making necklaces. When viewed with the naked eye alone, white gold and yellow gold do not have a significant difference, it’s just the color. Come on, you can see what is the difference between white gold and yellow gold.

The Durability of White Gold and Yellow Gold
necklaces made of white gold are generally more durable than yellow gold. This is because white gold is coated with rhodium which makes it more durable than yellow gold.

The price of gold is highly dependent on the carat, but usually white gold rings will cost much more than yellow gold, even when they are of the same carat. This is due to the rhodium coating the white gold.

Gold Necklace Uses
1 Helping to Accentuate the Character That Is Within You
2 Can Build Confidence
3 Gold Necklaces Can Also Show Your Mature Side
4 Make the simple clothes you use look more attractive
5 can be used as an investment in the long term

Silver Necklace: Silver necklace is one of the soft and soft metals so it is very easy to form and become a piece of jewelry, one of which is a necklace. However, due to its soft and malleable nature, silver is very susceptible to scratches, dings, and can change color (stain) over time. Therefore, almost all silver will experience oxidation or the appearance of a gray or black stain on the ring for a long time.
Lots of people choose silver rings as an alternative because it has a fairly affordable price and is cheaper than gold. This, of course, can reduce your costs by choosing a silver ring that is more affordable but no less beautiful.

Rhodium Necklaces: Rhodium can be categorized into one of the basic frame materials used for the manufacture of jewelry which is currently increasingly being used as Imitation Jewelry, as for the following: the mixture is silver, tin, copper, etc. then the plating shield (the outer layer) is coated with white gold or yellow gold.

The price for this rhodium necklace is arguably much cheaper than gold and silver because the materials used to make rhodium are much more affordable. This rhodium necklace can be used as another alternative if you want to have jewelry in the form of necklace.

Along with the times there are necklaces that are made more and more in demand, both sea water pearls and freshwater pearls, no doubt nowadays pearl necklaces are one of the large market needs seen from market demand, both domestic and foreign markets.

Indonesia, which is one of the largest pearl suppliers in the world, now has a growing demand. With pearl quality that is owned by Indonesia, it has been recognized worldwide. This data is provided directly by the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, which says that every year Indonesia produces the largest southern sea pearl in the world. One of the pearl producing areas with the best quality is the island of Lombok.

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