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Pearl Earrings & Pearl Studs

Earring and earrings are jewelry that is attached to the ear. The material can be metal, plastic, glass, precious stones, pearls, beads, etc. In the past, earrings were used by men to show their identity as a warrior. And besides that earrings are also known as a symbol of a person’s social status in a community group.

Here is the difference between ANTING AND GIWANG

  • Earring is ear jewelry that hangs on the earlobe and is usually in a circle shape.
  • Ear earring is round and flat shape.
  • Giwang is a earring that is small in size.
  • Kerabu is a thin earring made of gold.

Here are the popular earring models in the world.
For women, performing optimally is not only from choosing clothes and facial makeup. other accessories are also needed to support your appearance. One of them is earrings or earrings used by women.

Earrings also have many different and quite interesting styles and forms.

1.Anting hoop
Hoop earrings are one type of earrings that can be classified into classic styles and are easy to match with other styles. Earrings have often become a fashion trend from ancient times until now. You can use hoop earrings with various styles of outfits and events, from casual to formal events.

How to clean using soap and warm water. namely by mixing warm water with 3 drops of soap or dishwashing liquid soap that does not contain phosphate. Clean slowly and dry, then save in a clean place.

  1. Ear Climber Earring Model
    Ear climber earrings are earrings that are used from the bottom of the ear and extending upwards. These earrings are still a trend today.
  2. Stud Earring Model
    earrings with stud models are right for those of you who like simple but nice. Stud earrings are the simplest designs consisting of only one gemstone or precious metal or pearl which is rounded and designed to stick to the earlobe. Apart from that, this type of stud earrings is perfect for any face shape, and is also suitable for a variety of styles and events.
  3. Chandelier Earring Model
    for these earrings made with a combination of stud and dangle earrings with a design that is quite luxurious, giving the impression of being elegant, feminine, and dramatic.
  4. Dangle Earring Model
    Dangle is a type of earring that is designed dangling below the ear. The designs of these earrings range from being shaped like water droplets to being round and square with various beads or gemstones. These types of earrings work best with the hair tied up, so they can be the main focus and look very beautiful.

At this time the materials used in making earrings or earrings are very diverse, especially pearls. Pearl earrings are getting more and more enthusiasts due to their round shape and then this sparkling color makes the demand for them even more. Pearls used are very diverse, ranging from seawater pearls, freshwater pearls, and shell pearls.

However, sea water pearls have far more fans. The demand for the market, both foreign and domestic, is currently experiencing an increase.

Indonesia, which is one of the largest South Sea Pearl suppliers, also takes part in it. The following is one of the best pearl producing areas in Lombok. Finding pearls with good quality is easy to find. One of them is missjoaquim.

Missjoaquim itself is a pearl jewelry shop that sells various types of Lombok pearl jewelry whose authenticity has been proven and has consumers from various regions of Indonesia and abroad including China, the Philippines and others. The location itself is at the MCC (Mutiara Craft Center) Jln. Gajah Mada, Pagesangan, Lombok, Mataram. go to the back of the MCC shopping complex, Store No. 6.

And a new branch located on Jl. Arya Banjar Getas, Gang. Lele Green Palm Residence housing complex – Number B5. Gatep Permai neighborhood, Ampenan, Taman Sari, Kec.Ampenan,

Mataram City, Lombok NTB.

Every pearl purchase usually missjoaquim provides a certificate as a form of authenticity of the item, and if it is in the form of jewelry with a frame like gold, it will be given along with receipts and carat information from gold and its weight as proof of its authenticity.

The material for the frame also varies from gold, gold also consists of two types, namely white gold and yellow gold. Then there are silver, rhodium, plastic, rope and others.

Come on, see tips on Buying Cheap Earring and Studs

According to conditions

Match your earrings to the occasion or event you are going to attend. If you are going to relax or hang out with friends, for example, you can use earrings with a concise and simple design. These earrings are also suitable to wear when working.

Recognize Making Materials

The material most often used is gold, in various grades and also in weight. However, earrings are not only made of gold. You can find earrings from silver, platinum, plastic, and so on. These materials can be used to determine the price. Gold is one of the most popularly used quality earring material standards.

even so, you are free to choose depending on yourself as the person who will use it because not everyone likes wearing earrings made of gold.

Ask the experts

If you are still in doubt, maybe it is better if you ask someone who is more understanding and expert in their field so that you don’t choose the wrong choice. Therefore you will have a clearer picture of the price range of the earrings you are going to buy. In addition, you can get information about where to buy jewelry that you can trust.

If you are interested in shopping online, take a little time to look at consumer reviews of the Online store you wish to visit. The more and better reviews given are related to the store, the higher the credibility and you can try it.

Buy at a Trusted Store

Make sure you trust the shop. Jewelry stores that have good reviews usually have excellent service and present fairly high-quality goods as well. Not only that, trusted stores usually provide excellent customer service as well.