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Pearl Brooch

Brooches are items that are jewelry and are designed to be attached or pinned to your clothes. On the back of the brooch, there are needles and hooks shaped like pins so that they can be attached to your clothes. Not only used in clothes, there are several types and styles of brooches that are useful as a tie or decoration on hair. brooches were first discovered in the bronze age.

bros mutiara lombok
pearl brooch

At that time the Romans. Initially they wore decorative buckles. However, nowadays you more often see brooches used by hijab users as additional accessories for headgear. In general, brooches are made of precious metals, such as silver or gold, but other metals such as bronze, brass and several other metals are also commonly used for materials.

Until now, many forms of brooches have been available in various materials at affordable prices, such as beads, crystals, wood, glass, pearl plastics to those made of cotton and flannel fabrics which are widely used. Other types of brooches For example the kerongsang is a type of traditional brooch to be attached to a kebaya.

Use of Bros
First, it can be used as a scarf or hijab clamp to make it look neat and not messy.

Second, not only that brooches also function to make your appearance when you wear a hijab even more beautiful so that it looks even more charming.

Third, used as clothing accessories. You must have often noticed that many women use brooches on their clothes, generally worn on plain shirts, clothes or coats.

Several Types of Brooches That Can Be Your Choice
Currently, the use of beautiful brooches is increasing among both women and men in Indonesia. Not only that, besides its use as a hijab clamp, brooches are now being widely used for accessories that have their own style by users. A great selection of brooches is now circulating all around you. Starting from the manufacturing material, the beautiful brooch model itself and the price given seem to be the main attraction for its users.

Silver Brooch
This silver bross is an alternative for women who want to look beautiful. This is because this silver material looks shiny and quite beautiful when used as jewelry. Not only that, silver material also does not fade easily and if it is resold, it still has a high enough selling value and of course it can be seen from its quality as well.

Gold Brooch
This gold brooch seems to be a proud piece of jewelry for women. This lifestyle that seems modern has resulted in the presence of brooches made of gold precious metal to have its own fans, for example, famous artists who use this gold brooch to appear glamorous in public. The use of gold brooches itself has a high quality value. Brooches made of gold can usually describe a person’s social status. Not only that brooches made of gold can also be used as investment material because they can be sold if you don’t want to use them.

Plastic Brooch
This beautiful brooch made of plastic pearls has its own fans, because this brooch, although only made of plastic, can look elegant.

Cloth Brooch
This beautiful brooch is generally made of various types of fabrics such as flannel, batik cloth, patchwork, and so on. These cloth brooches generally carry more colorful themes such as animal shapes, flowers, and other fruits. In general, this cloth brooch is often used by young people who always want to look and look cuter and the relatively cheap price of this cloth brooch can also be a consideration.

Bross Rajut
This knitting brooch is usually the material used using wool yarn, or other types of knitting yarn. In general, the shape most often used for this brooch is a flower shape, but it can also be any other shape as desired. In addition, the price given is also very affordable, usually the price is determined by the level of difficulty in making it.

Pearl Brooch
Bros Mutiara is currently very popular among the public. This is due to the shape of the pearl which can be a special attraction. Various shapes and models make it much popular. Not only among adults, many young people also use pearl brooches.

Here are some types of pearls that are often used to make this brooch.
Seawater pearls
Saltwater pearls or commonly known as seawater pearls, also known as Akoya pearls are extracted from oysters. For the price of sea water pearls are relatively more expensive than freshwater pearls. But with good quality, of course it is worth the price.

Freshwater Pearl
while freshwater pearls are extracted from clams that are clear for cultivation in fresh water. The quality of freshwater pearls is not inferior to seawater pearls. For the price itself, freshwater pearls are quite affordable and can be an alternative choice for you.

Shell pearl or imitation pearl
Shell or imitation pearls are generally made of plastic that is made to resemble the original pearl. This pearl shell can also be another alternative choice for you because the price is cheap and affordable. For the quality itself, of course it is proportional to the price given.

Here is a pearl shop that is quite famous and can be your choice if you want to have jewelry made of pearls, namely missjoaquim.

Missjoaquim itself is a pearl jewelry shop that sells various types of Lombok pearl jewelry whose authenticity has been proven and has consumers from various regions of Indonesia and abroad including China, the Philippines and others. The location itself is at the MCC (Mutiara Craft Center) Jln. Gajah Mada, Pagesangan, Lombok, Mataram. go to the back of the MCC shopping complex, Store No. 6.

And a new branch located on Jl. Arya Banjar Getas, Gang. Lele Green Palm Residence housing complex – Number B5. Gatep Permai neighborhood, Ampenan, Taman Sari, Kec.Ampenan, Mataram City, Lombok NTB.

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In every purchase of pearl jewelry will usually be included with a certificate as proof of the authenticity of the jewelry given.