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Pearl Bracelet

Bracelets, commonly known as sweeteners on hands other than watches. The bracelet itself is made of various materials and various designs, bracelets can make your appearance even more perfect. Not only in the world of fashion, it turns out that bracelets are also used as a form to show someone’s social level apart from fashion. Let’s find out the origin of the bracelet to be known.

Each country has its own history so it is not certain where the bracelet was found. If viewed from the outline of its history, this bracelet in a foreign language is usually called bracelet which turns out to be derived from the Latin word brachile which means “in the hand”. Currently the bracelet is better known as a fashion wardrobe. Therefore nowadays there are more basic materials for making bracelets. Let’s see the following info:

Types of bracelet bracelets

  1. Charm Bracelet (bobble chain bracelet)
    Basically a chain-shaped bracelet with a cute little pendulum toy, this bracelet comes in a variety of shapes and hangs along the chain. It can be letters, stars, sun animals, flowers or other cute shapes. These bracelets can usually be given to someone special as a gift for love, friendship or as a token of gratitude

2.Sport Bracelet (sports bracelet)

This bracelet was popularized by sports companies including Nike, adidas and others, these bracelets are usually made of silicon rubber. This bracelet was originally intended for athletes to make it easier for them to move while doing other sports activities. However, for now this bracelet has been used by many people and is sold freely.

  1. Bangle (bangle bracelet)

This bangle bracelet in Indonesia itself, especially the Madurese tribe, uses this bracelet, both on the hands and on the feet. In ancient times the bangle was made of gold, but with the development of fashion, bangle bracelets can be made from beads, plastic, wood and silver which are used as the basic material. This bangle bracelet is used on the forearm for the elbow,

4. Pearl bracelet

Pearl Bracelet
Pearl Bracelet

This bracelet is basically made of pearls, be it sea water pearls, fresh water pearls and shell pearls. This pearl bracelet has a variety of models, both in full pearl or half form.

For the pearl bracelet itself, the link can be made of gold, silver, rhodium, thread and others. depending on the demand of potential customers. At this time the Mutaiara bracelet itself has an increasing demand. Whether it’s from the middle or high society. This is also due to the increasing market demand both at home and abroad. And resulting in a lot of demand.

Here’s a Pearl jewelry store that you can make a choice for choosing Pearl jewelry.
Missjoaquim itself is a pearl jewelry shop that sells various types of Lombok pearl jewelry whose authenticity has been proven and has consumers from various regions of Indonesia and abroad including China, the Philippines and others. The location itself is at the MCC (Mutiara Craft Center) Jln. Gajah Mada 1, go to the back of the MCC shopping complex, Toko No. 6. Pagesangan, Mataram, Lombok.

And a new branch located on Jl. Arya Banjar Getas, Gang. Lele Green Palm Residence housing complex – Number B5. Gatep Permai neighborhood, Ampenan, Taman Sari, Kec.Ampenan, Mataram City, Lombok NTB.

Every pearl purchase usually missjoaquim provides a certificate as a form of authenticity of the item, and if it is in the form of jewelry with a frame like gold, it will be given along with receipts and carat information from gold and its weight as proof of its authenticity.

  1. Slap Bracelet

This type of bracelet is quite popular in the western world around the 80s. Made of flexible material, users are not confused about choosing the size. Simply attach it to your wrist, that way the user’s hand will automatically be wrapped neatly.

6.Beaded Bracelet (beaded bracelet)

This bracelet is made of beads with various ornaments that can enhance its appearance, such as bells, ribbons and hooks. These beads can be made of stainless steel, stones, crystals, wood or wood