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Need Help : Pearl Price Info


I would like to ask if you have any idea about market price for each gram of these following Indonesian Pearl in Hong Kong, Japan and USA wholesale market:
1. The pearl came in lots. Various size around 7mm – 10mm and various color (golden, yellow, white, etc.)
2. Golden color pearl size around 11mm – 13mm.
3. Pink (drop) pearl size around 7mm – 8mm.
4. Pink (ring) strand around 7mm – 8mm. Strand lenght is 40 cm
I have the pictures and would like to send it to you if you like.
Many thanks, Herman (

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Answer :

Only somewhat more data please. How is the nature of the principal part, and is the photo the whole parcel? The cost would depend vigorously on the size and nature of the part in general. Is it evaluated A, B, C, or D? Is it a blended quality part? It seems, by all accounts, to be a blended shading parcel…

The second picture with the single pearl looks the best of the part. It is by all accounts dim and clean. Be that as it may, there is a wide distinction in cost from 11mm to 13mm. A dim 12-13mm, round, clean Golden would discount for about $600.

On the last two pictures, are these freshwater pearls? They give off an impression of being freshwater pearls, not South Sea pearls. This would, obviously, be an expansive valuation factor.


I truly value your answer. The principal parcel (Lots.jpg) has an imperfection like a spots, around 2 – 10 specks in every pearl. A portion of the dabs scattered in little/somewhat bigger zone (not scattered in all surface). As of now, the entire parcels is just 6 pearls (Lots.jpg). Herewith I appended the zoom pictures (Lots_Zoom.jpg) for your further examination.

However, I can discover more pearls with nearly a similar quality/deformity with those 6 pearls on the photograph (Lots.jpg). We can make a gathering for each shading (yellow, brilliant, white shading, and so on), estimate (7mm-8mm, 8mm-9mm, 9mm-10mm, and so forth.) and shape (round, drop, catch, and so forth.)

As to review, we used to call it review B/C. In any case, I don’t know that your standard grade is a similar standard with our own.

The second picture (Golden.jpg) is just 1 pearl (not in parcel). It has abandons in 1 territory. I connected likewise the imperfection picture (Golden_Zoom.jpg).

We additionally can show signs of improvement quality in parts for those brilliant pearls.

With respect to last 3 pictures (Drop.jpg, Pink.jpg and Pink_Zoom.jpg). Truly I don’t know is that saltwater pearl or freshwater pearl. Yet, when I got it, the merchant illuminate that those are saltwater pearl without shading.


Indeed, the pearls have all the earmarks of being B/C, however in the wake of taking a gander at the darker brilliant pearl also it gives off an impression of being close to an indistinguishable surface review from I see rings (yet it could simply be the photo).

In that review if the part were blended it would be extremely hard to cost. Some are darker and more significant, and it appears just as the parcel is quality-blended too. I would assume it might offer discount for about $50 per pearl. The brilliant pearl would most likely go as high as $300, or significantly higher if the surface is a little cleaner that it looks in the photo.

With respect to the last strand, this appears as though it is positively a freshwater neckband. It looks literally nothing like an Akoya strand. With the circles the strand would most likely discount for about $10 per strand in China.

I trust I have been of assistance. Don’t hesitate to send me a private message too with more data.