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Melo Melo Pearls

Melo Melo Pearls

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Melo Melo Pearls Defined

A melo pearl is a non-nacreous, natural calcareous solidification by the marine gastropod melo.

Melo Pearls are Non-nacreous Concretions

The melo “pearl” does not originate from a shellfish or mollusk, but rather comes rather from the melo marine snail, which is found in the waters of the South China Sea, as far south and west to Singaport and Andaman Sea. Like conch pearls, the melo jewel is not really a nacreous pearl since it contains no nacre. It is made by a comparative procedure, nonetheless, because of an outside substance that attacks the snail’s shell.

Melo Pearls Are Usually Large And Round

Melo pearls are to a great degree vast and by and large exceptionally round. One of the biggest found is about the size of a golf ball! The pearls’ colors range from tan to dim cocoa, with orange being the most attractive color. Additionally like the conch pearl, the color is accepted to be liable to blurring after some time.

Melo Pearls Another Rare Natural Gem

Melo pearls are to a great degree uncommon. In spite of the fact that researchers are endeavoring to culture them, none have yet succeeded – so all melo pearls are natural. In spite of the fact that these pearls have been known and gathered in Asia for a long time, they have just as of late been brought into the West.