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south sea pearls wholesale
Indonesia south sea pearls

Golden South Sea pearl are made up of layers of sumptuous natural pearl nacre and require the same care as you would give your finest silk gown.

wholesale pearlsGolden South Sea pearl love to be worn and take on the warmth and glow of the wearer’s skin. However, the following tips will ensure that your Golden South Sea pearl keep on looking and feeling wonderful to wear.

  • Put pearls on after applying makeup, perfume and hairspray.
  • Don’t allow pearls to rub against more abrasive jewellery.
  • Wipe pearls gently with a soft cloth occasionally before putting away.
  • Never store pearls with other pieces of jewellery. Keep them wrapped in a soft cloth.
  • Have pearl strands re-strung by a reliable jeweler every year or two depending on how often they are worn.
  • To clean pearls rub them with a cloth dipped in a well diluted mix of alcohol and warm water or in a weak solution of soap and water. Then dip the cloth in clean water and rub this over the pearls, finally dry with a clean cloth. Never leave pearls wet.
  • Finally Golden South Sea pearl are remarkably resilient and should be worn and enjoyed every day.
  • It is a combination of five “virtues” that should be looked for when buying a pearl: luster, size, shape, color and complexion.
  • The luster of the pearl is what gives the pearl its iridescence and its depth. Luster is created by nacre, and varies with the fineness of the nacre. It is one of the most important factors to take into consideration when buying a pearl. The luster of a pearl should always be bright, never dull. Without luster it does not matter how big or how perfect its shape or what its color is – it is the luster that makes a pearl a gem quality pearl. Golden South Sea pearl have a thick, creamy nacre and are noted for their rich, silky luster.
  • The shape of the pearl is also important. Perfectly round and teardrop shapes are extremely rare and therefore highly sought after; this does not mean that other shapes do not have their own unique charm and value. Baroque pearls, for instance, are one of the most popular shapes because of their uniqueness, size and casual character. White South Sea cultured pearls come in many shapes including round, semi round, circle, oval, baroque, drop and with many variations, each one unique.
  • Other points that are to be considered when choosing a pearl include the complexion of the pearl or “skin”. These pearls are produced by nature and therefore will have their natural flaws, however the more flawless the surface of the pearl, the greater the value.


wholesale pearls south sea pearls wholesale
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  • The size of the pearl is also reflected in the price – the Golden South Sea pearl being the largest rarest pearl of all.
  • The final point to consider is the color. From luminescent white to sparkling gold’s, the stunning range of the Golden South Sea pearl must be seen to be believed and premium prices are paid for pearls displaying unusually beautiful orients of colored overtones such as white pink, silver pink and deep gold.


south sea pearls wholesale
south sea pearls

The Golden South Sea pearl is the only pearl whose qualities are identical to the natural pearls of old. As such they must be evaluated by the same criteria as natural pearls. As with natural pearls, South Sea pearl are created in a wide range of qualities. The quality of the nacre is paramount. Quality of nacre can only be dictated by the mother shell and nature herself.

It is the quality of the nacre that determines the beauty or luster of the pearl. Regardless of whether a pearl is natural or cultivated, the finest quality nacre is extremely rare and pearls of this nacre are very valuable. The value of a particular Golden South Sea pearl ultimately depends on the fineness of its nacre. Size has a bearing on value as fine quality nacre becomes rarer in the larger size pearls. Shape and color also have a bearing on value but these two factors are mainly “fashion” or “preference” driven.


south sea pearls wholesale
south sea pearls wholesale

Golden South Sea pearl are cultivated pearls that are only helped by man in the sense that man provides them with the best and purest environment in which to grow. Once the shell has been seeded with a small round nucleus made of mother of pearl, the oyster shell is left to do what it does best – produce stunning pearl nacre and lots of it.

As a result the shapes and sizes of the pearls are all different and formed entirely by nature herself. Some emerge perfectly round, some teardrop shaped, some semi-round, some baroque shaped – each one different, each one unique. That is the beauty of the pearl that sets it apart from other gems that are cut and shaped by man. As a result a perfect pearl strand can take years to complete. To find the perfect pearl to make up the strand is no easy task.

Nothing! Golden South Sea pearl are natural in color. The name “Golden South Sea pearl” is actually a misnomer. Golden South Sea pearl is the name given to the pearl made by the Pinctada maxima shell, which is Golden. However although the shell is gold, South Sea pearl can be many shades of color. The shade can vary enormously from the warmer white-pink tones through to silver tones and finally to a truly golden hue. Each shade from the stunning range available has its own appeal and is a matter of personal taste.

south sea pearl
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south sea pearl
south sea pearls wholesale call / whatsapp +6287865026222

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