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Hanadama Pearls

Hanadama Pearls

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Somebody as of late sent me a connection to an article discussing hanadama akoya pearls. It was somewhat hard to take after article as it was ineffectively composed, however the fundamental purpose of it was to say that hanadama does not mean the best in akoya, and individuals who say it does are not being straightforward.

It is not worth my opportunity to contend with each little merchant that has an issue, so I am presenting this connection on the Mikimoto Web website. While I don’t consider Mikimoto the best pearl data asset on the planet (I mean go ahead, they guarantee Kokichi designed the procedure himself), they were the first to financially farm and market akoya pearls.

The primary sentence is the main genuine correlated part to my contention.

MIKIMOTO pearls are alluded to as hanadama, or ‘blossom pearls’, which indicates the most noteworthy quality pearls.

Hanadama has nothing to do with color. Hanadama just means the best. The Mikimoto organization was the first to coin the term, they ought to recognize what it implies.

Considering Hanadama? Keep in mind to take a gander at Freshdamas

What’s more, in case you’re notwithstanding considering getting Hanadama’s from Jeremy or any other individual – help yourself out and look at his Freshdamas – they are the best freshwater pearls in the business sector today the greatest number of on this board can authenticate and have numerous favorable circumstances over Hanadamas -, for example, being 100% nacre and having splendid situate. What’s more, in the event that you search through PG (not certain which string began it) Jeremy really contrasted Hanadama’s with Freshdamas and a great many people on the board speculated off-base! With the quality of Freshdamas so high they are a great decision to consider. My two pennies as a purchaser who has seen both.

Here is the photograph once more.

freshwater and akoya

(indication, the freshadama is the one with situate)

Ouch, I assume I came in late yet pounding a hatchet with each little merchant is truly unsettling. You could

have forgotten that and gotten to the site . By the way I went to the site, it was in Japanese… Not supportive but rather I got the point.

bluidragon, there have been numerous exchanges and photographs of hanadama here since these old posts from back in Feb 2008. There’s surely progressing enthusiasm for the subject, obviously.

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