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Hanadama Certified Akoya Pearls

Hanadama Defined


Hanadama is Japanese for Spherical Flower and is the term used to depict the most elevated quality and most very esteemed pearls from any given harvest. These pearls are isolated from run of the mill class grading preceding closeout and are sold as independently isolated parts.

What Are Hanadama Pearls?

In spite of the fact that there is no institutionalized, conclusive grading framework being used today, that precisely speaks to and looks at the worth qualities of akoya pearls, there is a single word portrayal of the best akoya pearl created today: Hanadama.

Hanadama is a Japanese word meaning round bloom. This is the name given to the most noteworthy quality rate of creation by the organizer of the cultured akoya pearling industry, Kokichi Mikimoto. The Hanadama grade is still used right up ’til today to assign the most flawlessly awesome of each akoya pearl harvest by the world’s best-known pearl organizations.

fine akoya pearl strand

Fine hanadama akoya pearls

Hanadama Pearls Are The Best

Hanadama implies the best or the most astounding quality extent akoya pearls. There can’t be a superior grade. Notwithstanding when comparing two strands of hanadama pearls, while one might be slightly unrivaled, it will in any case be hanadama.

On the off chance that a merchant endeavors to allure a purchaser with an akoya pearl strand that is better than Hanadama, the vender likely does not comprehend the standards of Hanadama.

Tally the Pearls

Pearls can’t be laser engraved the way precious stones are, and there are unscupulous merchants who may switch strands after accreditation. Most strands will fluctuate by four to five pearls, so exchanged strands will frequently have an alternate number of pearls from what is delineated in the photograph on the endorsement.

Hanadama Certificates Defined

The Hanadama confirmation is given by the Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan; situated in Tokyo, Japan. A strand of pearls can’t be alluded to as Hanadama unless joined by this authentication. The original declaration must go with the strand; generally the strand is not Hanadama.

The Pearl Science Laboratory plays out a few tests on arbitrary pearls all through the strand to decide its general grade. The pearl surface is amplified and checked for considerations. The nacre quality and profundity is checked, by using optical filaments and x-rays. The luster is controlled by correlation. In the event that all tests are performed and each quality element surpasses or meets the criteria, the strand is considered Hanadama grade. It is essential to note that lone roughly 50% of the strands submitted for Hanadama investigation are acknowledged accordingly by the Pearl Science Laboratory.

How Hanadama Pearls Are Graded And Selected

The grading is not subjective, and must meet the accompanying criteria:

  • The nacre profundity must not appear to be under .40 mm on any haphazardly tried pearl
  • The teri-esteem investigation, (luster examination) must be solid
  • Defect grade must read slightly.

In spite of the fact that the Hanadama testament takes into consideration thicker nacre grading than .40 mm, (which demonstrates an aggregate nacre of .80 mm) recall that this test is performed on an arbitrary choice of pearls, and is not characteristic of the general nacre profundity. Every pearl in any given strand will fluctuate, and each Hanadama strand will constantly have pearls with nacre profundities running from .40 mm to 1.00 mm or more. It is difficult to ensure predictable nacre profundity inside a solitary strand.

The Beauty Of Hanadama Pearls

Each pearl is one of a kind and that is the magnificence of pearls. The Hanadama Pearl Certificate does not take into consideration a grading of zero flaws. The reason is entirely basic: all pearls will have some level of blemish. Pearls are naturally made diamonds, and despite the fact that the flaws might be undefined to the shopper, regardless they do exist. Consequently, the Pearl Science Laboratory of Japan does not take into account ‘impeccably perfect’s grading.

Hanadama Pearls – The World’s Finest Pearls?

For further understanding, we prescribe the accompanying manual for hanadama pearls composed by an industry master.