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Beatiful Tahitian Pearl Bracelets

I’m exceptionally enamored with that sideways keshi, it was on an extravagant T strand I purchased on Rakuten in my first year of pearl gathering, a big part of those pearls were very “blah” tragically yet the other half was pretty and is presently a piece of my various arm bands and studs… Pearl Wholesale Whatsapp : +62-878-6502-6222

SurfnSci you referencing the Pearlescence keshi strand drove me adrift… I went just to examine it ( it is stunning you most certainly ought to get it;- ) and wound up with another pendant… . So I made an image of my arm bands and pendants today with an end goal to “shop in my adornments box”…

jeg love your Baggins strand!

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Readers Wrote :

You have some wonderful pendants and wristbands eolian pearls. I for the most part purchase studs despite the fact that I have lost count of the number of I have… yesterday I recieved a couple of 10,1mm profound pink edison studs from Pearlescence. They are dazzling and I didn’t have any studs in that tone previously.

eolian pearls what a wonderful kitty! Furthermore delightful pearls obviously. Truly appreciate checking out your pearl assortment . If it’s not too much trouble, share photographs of your new acquisitions

SurfnSci delicate and wonderful ombré strand. Love the shading coordination

jeg totally love that kaleidoscopic Vietnamese akoya strand! Such unimaginable tones! The matching T pendant nearly got indistinguishable shading. What an uncommon shading for T. Also that little h pendant is simply stunning

Lilpearl what a beautiful GSS set! Wonderful skin and radiance.

A portion of my bright wristbands. My two Hearts Delight arm bands

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 And my Forest Mist, Changing leaves and Oceans Mist bracelets

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 tahitian pearl beautiful sharp.

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eolian pearls Wow, your pendants and wristbands – You have such a wonderful assortment! I particularly love seeing your fabulous SoC mabe pendant – it’s one of my top choices

Your air pocket wristband looks so extremely lovely in the sunlight!​

Charlotta2.0 I love the wrist pics of your wonderful wristbands! Astounding tones and as usual, such inventiveness in your plan.

The entire week I’ve been wearing this 8 mm WSS pearl from Pearlescence (I utilized it to supplant the pendant’s unique very much worn akoya). I accept Wendy had written in the portrayal that she assisted with collecting the pearl at an Indonesian pearl ranch, and I am eager to show her endeavors! I’m miserable my photos don’t actually do it equity; there are pink and blue and green and gold hints relying upon the light.

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Much thanks to you eolian pearls and SurfnSci.
You have preferable climate over me eolian pearls, it was cold today and took 10 minuters to get the ice off the vehicle windows. Wonderful wristband.
Such a pendant SurfnSci. My profound brilliant south ocean enhancer probably been reaped simultaneously as your pearl.

Charlotta2.0 Thank you! Gracious amazing, your profound GSS enhancer is mind blowing, and one of my top picks of your assortment – significantly more so since Wendy helped gather it

She has a green/gold SS recorded that she additionally reaped. I’m so enticed to get it yet I’m actually hauling my toes off Ban Island.

SurfnSci, I am glad that I purchased that enhancer, it’s a lot prettier than whatever I previously anticipated. I realized it was great, however not that it was seriously mind-blowing. It resembles when I purchased my blue tahitian studs, the ones in my symbol, I was unable to trust my eyes. They were so beautiful.