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Pearl Quality CFWP versus Akoya

Pearl Quality CFWP versus Akoya
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Question :

Welcome from a pearl learner – I am in the business sector for my significant other’s first grown-up strand of pearls (she has one from when she was around 10-12yo). As I probably am aware her to be a traditionalist, I am suspecting that the main strand ought to be a basic white strand. At first I was good to go to buy a 16 inch, 7.0-7.5mm AAA akoya from Pearlparadise. Be that as it may, after an awesome IM visit with one of their reps, she made them consider the freshadama line.

Truly, I was never truly considered CFWP in light of the fact that I generally heard my mother talk exceedingly of her akoyas and talk inadequately of the freshwaters. Obviously pearl innovation has progressed significantly since we was purchasing her pearls. Anyway, I am exceptionally intrigued by the freshadamas, yet I don’t need my better half to be disillusioned that they are not akoya. I imagine that she may experience the ill effects of the same absence of information that I did before turning into an every day guest to pearl-guide.

So my particular inquiries are as per the following:

  1. akoya versus freshadamas for a first strand…which one would it be advisable for me to pick?
  2. Is 16 creep a decent length or would it be a good idea for me to run with a 18in? She is 5ft 1in and medium in construct.
  3. Is 7.0-7.5 a decent size or would it be advisable for me to go greater or littler? I don’t need the strand to look to little, nor do I need it to look like Mardi Gras beads (too enormous).
  4. Are there whatever other inquiries that I ought to ask that I don’t know enough to inquire?

Incidentally, I have had an incredible time gaining from ya’ll about pearls and truly imagine that I am going to have some good times obtaining different strands, rings and bracelets later on. I believe that pearls have a huge amount of identity and are very differing.

fine akoya pearl strand

Answers :

I am posting a photograph of the 7-8mm Freshadama strand I purchased in November; I determined silver rose hints and I purchased this fasten in light of the fact that it is simple for me to control and I cherish the look. It looks too substantial in the photograph yet not in individual – it’s not by any means so huge.

  1. I truly would run with the Freshadama strand. Since they are her in the first place, she will love the way that they will last and last and no bead will ever be uncovered (the nacre of Akoyas wears out after some time.) It would be so frustrating in the event that her first pearls wore out!
  2. By and by I like 18″ superior to anything 16″, however some like 17″- – this may really be better subsequent to your significant other is petite. can redo your request.
  3. I am 5′ 4 1/4″ and medium form and I think this size pearl (7-7.5mm) would look fine and dandy on somebody 5’1″, yet in the event that she prefers bigger pearls, 8-9mm would look awesome too (however there is a critical price hop.) They would not look too huge, no. What’s more, the earrings are 8-9mm.

Numerous praise for teaching yourself and putting such exertion into a present for your better half! I’m additionally a tenderfoot, so I’m going to concede on the Akoyo versus Freshadama inquiry to our more learned people, but to say that on the off chance that she has her heart totally set on Akoyos then it might be best to begin there. Now and again us ladies people aren’t balanced about not getting what we expected, paying little mind to the way that what we’re showing signs of improvement than what we anticipated.

Concerning size, I’ll unreservedly spew numerous remarks I’ve perused from others in strings here at P-G: Many notices have said being 5′- 5’6″ and as yet wearing bigger pearls cheerfully, and they appear to demonstrate that ‘too enormous’ is frequently an unwarranted trepidation in the domain of sizes people here discuss (perhaps… 7-13mm?). My own fav (8-9) was resolved in light of my longing to trade off quality and quantity inside my spending portion.

With respect to length, consider what she wears frequently. On the off chance that she wears a considerable measure of turtlenecks, counterfeit tees, or high-neck things, 18″ may be more flexible to wear over the shirts. In the event that she wears a considerable measure of catch out shirts or slipovers, and so forth, 16″ would sit over the shirts all the more regularly. On the off chance that she wears a considerable measure of low profile shirts, I envision either would be incredible!

I think the reason numerous individuals think they need to get Akoyas in the event that they need incredible luster is that they’ve just seen lower-quality freshwater pearls in the stores.

Without a doubt, most block and mortar diamond setters I’ve gone by just convey lower quality freshwater pearls. Perhaps they understand that the best freshwaters would contend too well with their higher-priced Akoyas?

The truth of the matter is, freshwaters have made considerable progress in the previous decade. The best ones have awesome luster and roundness, and in addition clean surface, and are an amazing deal contrasted with the price of Akoyas. The Akoyas may have a shinier appearance, however I think you can see from my photograph that Freshadamas are bounty gleaming!

Akoyas do have their place – a few people will dependably incline toward the metallic luster despite the fact that it doesn’t keep going long. In any case, I wouldn’t purchase it as a starter strand. If I somehow managed to get PPBs I’d begin with South Seas – the nacre is much thicker and it’ll last any longer. Be that as it may, once I have a gathering developed and have some extra money I would get some Akoyas just to finish the accumulation. The untreated baroque Akoyas were a special case, obviously – the nacre was uber thick on those and they are simply sublime. Unless the round Akoyas can promise that nacre thickness, they’re simply must hold up. I’m a freshadama change over.

By and by I would go the CFWP in light of the fact that I comprehend their quality and late history, and as you’ve seen, there are a few astounding online merchants who offer excellent quality in CFWP. In any case, I do likewise concur that occasionally what a lady has her heart set on is the main thing that will suffice!

I can offer you some better counsel however on the pearl size/length issue. I am 5’1″ and truly little and I will wear anything up to a 11mm pearl easily. My faves are 9-10’s for ordinary wear. On the off chance that I were somewhat more youthful, the 8-9’s would presumably be sufficient. With regards to length, I find anything that sits too high up has a poor visual impact on somebody so short – the “slicing you down the middle” look – I think it is vital that the length permits a little wrap. I generally request my own pearls to be made to 17.5 inches including the fasten – 17 inches of pearl is the thing that that more often than not likens to. 18″ I feel is excessively long to sit inside shirt collars, over scoop neck Tshirts and so on. On the off chance that I needed to wear pearls over turtle neck sweaters or high neck T’s, I would wear 20 inches (or 32), and overstate the distinction. Trust this might be of some assistance. I think you are a truly awesome spouse to go to such a great amount of push to make this blessing “simply right” – trust your better half adores whatever you pick!

freshwater and akoya


I simply need to give you something to consider the size and lengths of a strand, whether it is CFWPs or Akoyas:

From the earliest starting point I purchased 7-7,5 mm strands however as one gets more established it may be a smart thought to have somewhat bigger pearls – my recommendation – 8-9 mm, then they are in the scope of 8 mm to 8,5 with maybe 2 or 3 pearls achieving 9 mm. This size dependably looks extraordinary, the pearls don’t look too extensive – regardless of how short a man is.

Length of strands: At slightest 17″ without the catch, if your better half ought to put on weight later, a 16″ strand sits too tight on the neck and it might be hard to get additional pearls in the privilege bodycolour and suggestion!

Actually I like 17,5 – 18″ the best and in the event that you are going to purchase more pearls later on you or your better half may figure out how to bunch yourself, join the Lowly Beaders Club, magnificent exhortation on numerous subjects and you will have the capacity to spare a great deal of cash also, having the capacity to restring, include or take away pearls from a strand and doing everything without anyone else’s input

I need to concur with gravity always wins about getting your significant other what she needs, not as a matter of course what you figure out how to be ideal. It is safe to say that she is mindful she is getting pearls? Has she said she needs Akoya?

Despite the fact that I have taken in an awesome arrangement about Freshwater pearls from this site, I am not completely persuaded Freshwater is the approach. I adore the look of pleasant Akoya’s, additionally comprehend the nacre issue.

I am just shy of 5’3 and of little form. 16″ looks great on me, however I stress that as I get more established I would need something somewhat more, say 17 inches. You can simply buy a 18″ strand and have it abbreviated. Thusly your better half will be able to expand the length in the event that she chooses it is essential. Concerning the pearl size, I think 7-7.5 is extraordinary. Not very little, not very huge. I tend not to wear a considerable measure of jewelry and trust toning it down would be ideal. Will these be regular pearls or spruce up pearls?

Concerning the suggestion, talk about with the general population at PP her coloring and I’m certain they can help you pick which would be ideal.

For one thing, let me say thank you to all of you for your extraordinary exhortation! I cherish that I now have counsel spilling to me from as close as Connecticut and as far away as Singapore.

For elucidation, my significant other has no clue that I am researching pearls. I am kind of a dork that way. She remarked on her sister-in-law’s pearls over Christmas and I gave careful consideration. I am not pondering offering these to her for any uncommon event, in light of the fact that. I get a kick out of the chance to give huge blessings haphazardly in light of the fact that I like the amazement component. Thus, all things considered, she doesn’t have her heart set on anything. I would simply detest for her to discover that they are CFWP and feel like I took the modest way out in light of the fact that she doesn’t think about how far CFWP have come.

Regarding how I trust she will where them, I trust she wears them every now and again (in any event on more than one occasion a week). She doesn’t wear turtle necks and wears a decent arrangement of cardigan sweater sets. Does that have any kind of effect? (Likewise, don’t tell my companions that I recognize what a cardigan sweater set is…)

Pearl Jewelry Set

I didn’t see a possibility for rose hint with the CFWP. Is that an alternative? Is rose the approach for a pleasant, fairly pale (don’t advise her I said that) midwestern young lady?

Once more, thanks such a great amount for your recommendation. I truly don’t recognize what kind of pearls I would have wound up with had I not discovered P-G. Ya’ll rock!

Shock blessings are incredible!

You would prefer not to get anything less pleasant than the sister-in-law’s pearls!

Regardless of the possibility that she isn’t an aggressive individual, I think most ladies would not have any desire to be on the lower side of the correlation!

So I would say go for bigger size. I adore 8-9mm and I really like it superior to anything 9-10mm (loads of individuals would differ with me, yet when I’ve attempted both on, I simply loved the way the 8-9mm looked better.) How huge were the SIL’s pearls?

On the off chance that you do settle on FWP, Since you are worried that they not appear as though you were attempting to spare $, I’d run with the most astounding quality of fwp, the Freshadamas. I would figure that numerous individuals seeing them wouldn’t know they weren’t Akoyas. When I took mine to the shopping center one day and contrasted them one next to the other and Mikimoto (the strand was A1) they appeared to be identical in luster. Higher grades of Akoya would have a more honed luster, yet not a bettter gleam from inside the pearl.

The immense thing about FWP is that you can get a lot more value for your money. On the off chance that you have more to spend, you have a wide range of choices – multi-strand necklaces, ropes, sets (necklace + bracelet + earrings- – and yes, PP can make up earrings regardless of the possibility that she doesn’t have pierced ears) and so on. I wager she’d love a set- – and on the off chance that you do that, get slightly bigger earrings than the necklace. There is no drop down menu for hints however you can in fact ask for a particular suggestion. Call PP and converse with Kirsten- – you can submit your request via telephone in the wake of choosing what you need. Reasonable cleaned individuals regularly look great with rose hints (I have reasonable skin.)

What’s more, in the event that you do get Akoya, the best grade is Hanadama grade and PP has that as well. I don’t wear sweater sets however others will toll in about that. Furthermore, earrings- – dangles are agreeable and it’s simpler to chat on the telephone when wearing them. Studs are uncomfortable when chatting on the telephone. In the necklace I lean toward to some degree bigger pearls, for earrings I like catch shaped ones, then you can purchase bigger pearls, on the off chance that they are round, they will “emerge” if the are bigger than 7,5 mm AND ROUND. Catch implies just the half pearl is round, the other half is level, which is exceptionally complimentary to the ears!

In the event that you choose to purchase freshwaters, simply let the seller realize that you need rose suggestion on a bodycolour that is white. There is additionally silver hint or a more smooth one = ivory to browse. By and by I like rose or ivory best, the silver on the white can be fairly “white”. Good fortunes and let us see pictures and hear remarks from what your better half said, once you have shocked her…

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Hanadama Pearls

Hanadama Pearls

pearl necklace price
pearl necklace length

Somebody as of late sent me a connection to an article discussing hanadama akoya pearls. It was somewhat hard to take after article as it was ineffectively composed, however the fundamental purpose of it was to say that hanadama does not mean the best in akoya, and individuals who say it does are not being straightforward.

It is not worth my opportunity to contend with each little merchant that has an issue, so I am presenting this connection on the Mikimoto Web website. While I don’t consider Mikimoto the best pearl data asset on the planet (I mean go ahead, they guarantee Kokichi designed the procedure himself), they were the first to financially farm and market akoya pearls.

The primary sentence is the main genuine correlated part to my contention.

MIKIMOTO pearls are alluded to as hanadama, or ‘blossom pearls’, which indicates the most noteworthy quality pearls.

Hanadama has nothing to do with color. Hanadama just means the best. The Mikimoto organization was the first to coin the term, they ought to recognize what it implies.

Considering Hanadama? Keep in mind to take a gander at Freshdamas

What’s more, in case you’re notwithstanding considering getting Hanadama’s from Jeremy or any other individual – help yourself out and look at his Freshdamas – they are the best freshwater pearls in the business sector today the greatest number of on this board can authenticate and have numerous favorable circumstances over Hanadamas -, for example, being 100% nacre and having splendid situate. What’s more, in the event that you search through PG (not certain which string began it) Jeremy really contrasted Hanadama’s with Freshdamas and a great many people on the board speculated off-base! With the quality of Freshdamas so high they are a great decision to consider. My two pennies as a purchaser who has seen both.

Here is the photograph once more.

freshwater and akoya

(indication, the freshadama is the one with situate)

Ouch, I assume I came in late yet pounding a hatchet with each little merchant is truly unsettling. You could

have forgotten that and gotten to the site . By the way I went to the site, it was in Japanese… Not supportive but rather I got the point.

bluidragon, there have been numerous exchanges and photographs of hanadama here since these old posts from back in Feb 2008. There’s surely progressing enthusiasm for the subject, obviously.

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How would you care for your freshwater pearls?

How would you care for your freshwater pearls?
Pearls Necklace Price

Question :

Hi I’m absolutely new to pearl-guide and pearls when all is said in done and have heaps of inquiries! Much appreciated ahead of time for all your liberal time and training.

So how would you store your pearls?

  1. In the jewelry enclose it came
  2. In your own particular jewelry box
  3. In a silk, material sack
  4. Other

Is there a prescribed “most ideal path” to store your pearls? Much appreciated! – Tony

pearl nacre
pearl nacre

Answer :

Greetings Tony, what’s more, welcome to the discussion.

On the off chance that you read the posts under the string “Pearls and Pearl Care” you will discover a considerable measure of posts reg stockpiling and care.

In short: the length of you wear your pearls and place them in the washroom while cleaning up every now and then, they will do awesome as they need a touch of dampness. Freshwaters will admission superior to anything Akoyas, as they have just a fairly thin covering of nacre, if these pearls go away, the nacre will break.

All three choices above are OK, a fourth choice would be silk pockets (can be requested from China). On the off chance that you have significant pearls you may store them in a protected, then the original boxes lined with glossy silk may be too substantial, so pockets would be better. What’s more, on the off chance that you have been here on the discussion it will take you not long to wind up pearl dependent!

Freshwater and akoya strands get put away in their original open boxes, on an elbow-tallness rack in the garments storeroom strategically placed off the expert shower, so no humidty issues. (Awesome for pearls, not all that good generally.) No trepidation of settling dust as they get worn and took care of as often as sufficiently possible. Freshwater and akoya earrings are put away in sets around the edge of one open glossy silk lined box so they don’t scratch each other. Really, it’s an old outfit jewelry box, yet it functions admirably for me.

pearls box
pearls box

Little silk pockets are a truly commonsense choice yet having attempted it, I’m stressed over the pearls scratching each other – they thump together as you evacuate them/supplant them in the pocket and I’m concerned all that rubbing around will in the end dull them. I’ve for the most part about faced to their original boxes so that the pearls aren’t touching each other.

For comparable reasons I’ve built up an abhorrence for wearing different strands of pearls (notwithstanding a few necklaces being purchased for particularly that reason). I cringe as I can hear them clicking around against each different as I move about. Am I being senseless?

For every one of those in the U.K., Ryman have an awesome 5 drawer mid-section. It’s secured with false calfskin and the drawers are lined with velour. I just purchased one yesterday to store my unfinshed strands in. It’s ideal for the reason, as I would see it.

PG – I wear numerous strands a considerable measure and haven’t saw any evil impacts. What’s more, I want to hear the pearls clunking together.

Also, here’s the means by which I keep my own pearl jewelry.

Pearl Jewelry Set

With respect to how I store my pearls, I utilize silk sacks – Chinese bigger ones (not the little pockets – I lay the pearls level in them and stack them… would obviously, rather the reason constructed bureau of 5 drawers! In saying that however Sueki, I’m imagining that with every one of those unfinished strands from pearllunar – you presumably require it now! Coincidentally, they looked spectacular and I can hardly wait to see what you do with them!

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Caring for Your Pearls

Caring for Your Pearls

Pearls Necklace Price

Pearl Care

Pearls are the world’s lone natural diamond and are made out of calcium carbonate. This implies unique consideration is required to guarantee pearls will stay wonderful and endure forever.

Pearls Require Special Care

Since pearls are a natural gemstone, they are fairly unique in relation to different gemstones and valuable metals. They are gentler and more fragile, and they can hence be all the more effectively scratched, broke, and harmed. What’s more, substances, for example, scent and hair spray – and even natural body oils and sweat – can dull pearls’ luster or cloud their splendor. Therefore, your pearls may require a touch of unique care.

Be Careful With Cosmetics And Your Pearls

It’s a smart thought, for instance, to apply aroma, hair spray, and different beautifiers before putting on your pearls. Thus, you can minimize the measure of these items that comes into contact with the pearls. In the wake of wearing your pearls, wipe them with a delicate soggy material to expel any hints of restorative items or body oils. Wash the pearls occasionally with a gentle cleanser and a delicate material, to expel any amassed develop.

Pearl Shape
Pearl Shape

Store Your Pearls Separately

In view of their delicacy, pearls ought to be put away independently, far from hard jewelry things, to avoid scratches or other harm. In the event that conceivable, store them wrapped in delicate material or in a delicate lined compartment, pocket, or jewelry box.

Have Your Pearls Restrung And Knotted For Safety

To anticipate strand breakage, it’s a smart thought to have your pearls restrung intermittently – maybe once per year or somewhere in the vicinity on the off chance that you wear them regularly. Hitching the strand between every pearl will keep the majority of the pearls from tumbling off the strand in the occasion the strand breaks. Likewise, tying keeps the pearls from rubbing against each other and bringing about harm. A tiny bit of care can go far toward ensuring that your pearls stay protected and splendid for a considerable length of time to come!

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