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Akoya Pearls – Value Factors

Akoya Pearls – Value Factors

wholesale pearlsAkoya pearls are the “original” cultured pearl, and are usually the image that comes to mind when you mention the word “pearl”.

As with all pearls, look for as high luster and as few surface characteristics as possible within your budget.

pearl table
pearl table

What to Expect:

  • Akoya Pearl sizes are usually from 6mm-9mm.
  • Natural body colors are neutral whites and creams. Dark colors like blue or black are not natural colors, but can still be desirable.
  • Overtone colors are often highly desirable, including pink/”rose”.
  • For Akoya pearl strands, it’s especially important to check the nacre thickness. Check for chipping around the drill hole. Also, hold the strand at either end and roll back and forth.
  • Variations in color (called “blinking”) indicate thin nacre and should be avoided !
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