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The 7 Value Factors for Pearls

The 7 Value Factors for Pearls

wholesale pearlsNow, we’re going to bring you up to speed on the 7 Value Factors you will need to know when looking for the best pearls at the best price. Just as diamond shoppers use the “Four C’s” to evaluate stones, pearl shoppers should keep in mind these seven factors that follow. We’ll explain the relative importance of each when it comes to price, and how these value factors relate to each of the four species of pearls you’ve learned about already. Understand the section below, and your Kung-Fu will be strong! You will know more than many long-time jewelers know about pearls. If you happen to be a jeweler reading this guide, I really hope you will absorb and share it freely with your clients so that everyone benefits!

Tahitian Black Pearls 1
Tahitian Black Pearls

The 7 Value Factors – What to Look For

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We have already introduced luster, the most important subjective factor in choosing pearls. Below are all seven factors in relative order of importance. We will describe each in turn. Afterwards, we will discuss these factors for each pearl species.

  1. Pearls Luster
  2. Pearls Size
  3. Pearls Surface Quality
  4. Pearls Shape
  5. Pearls Color
  6. Nacre Thickness of The Pearls
  7. Matching of the Pearls
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